When choosing your ice cream supplier it is important you have as much knowledge as possible to understand the difference between a poor quality ice cream and a luxury ice cream.

Poor Quality

Large commercial companies start well using Milk and cream but it all goes down hill from there. The third major ingredient is a stabiliser powder to bind everything together and large companies use cheap stabilisers that create large chunks of fatty deposits that require a machine called a homogeniser to break them down. The next step is then to use around 15 other ingredients to bulk out the ice cream that gives a longer shelf life and increased profit margin. To create individual flavours such as strawberry or mint etc it is not cost effective for a big company to use real food so instead artificial chemicals are used to add flavour and colour.

The final machine used in mass produced ice cream is called a continuous freezer, this machine has a air compressor that pumps air into the ice cream during the freezing process and massively increases volume leaving a mousse like texture, weak flavour and less scoops per tub due to air pockets. 

5 ways to identify poor quality ice cream

  • Look at the ice cream for a mousse/grainy texture.
  • Bright artificial colours that do not look natural.
  • Ask or count how many ingredients are used (over 10 is poor quality).
  • Tasting the ice cream will reveal a weak artificial flavour that leaves a unpleasant after taste.
  • Forget the volume and feel the weight as you may of bought 5 litres but it might only be 2.5 litres of liquid due to the air pumped in.

Luxury Ice Cream

Luxury ice cream is made the traditional way with fresh whole milk, double cream, skimmed milk powder, sugar and a quality stabiliser. To create individual flavours a large variety of real food is used such as fruits, nuts, spices, cocoa powder and pastes.

The next step is using a machine called a batch freezer. We use the very best Carpigiani italian machine that helps give our ice cream it’s unique smooth texture and creamy flavour.

5 ways to identify a Luxury Ice Cream

  • Look for a smooth texture and natural looking colours.
  • Taste the ice cream for a rich flavour.
  • Ask or look to see how many ingredients are used (around 7 is perfect).
  • Feel the weight, as our 5 litre napolis are very heavy.
  • The easiest way to identify a luxury ice cream is the fact it will simply taste delicious.